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Markus Kaatsch
aug&ohr medien
Riemannstr. 21
10961 Berlin, Germany

Father and daughter rush out of the city to his mother’s house on the snow-covered countryside to bring private items to the hospital after her stroke. After the eight-year-old daughter is roughly rebuked by the father after a question, the two separate a childish malaise and a paternal coldness. In the house of the mother that distance between them becomes stronger, as the father divides the daughter to the cleaning, while he takes over the packing of the objects. Only when memories of his childhood fall towards him in his rush, the rigor dissolves and the daughter recognizes the fear with which her father is struggling.

5min, short, fiction



Cast: Isabel Steszgal, Philipp Karner, Günter Ziegelwanger

Director: Simon Maria Kubiena

Screenplay: Simon Maria Kubiena

Producer: Simon Maria Kubiena

Director of Photography: Germaine Haller

Art Design: Emma Sophie Schaub

Costume Design: Emma Schaub

Sound: Alexander Römich

Editor. Patrick Kostya

Financed by: Come On Niederösterreich Förderung, Bezirkskulturförderung Döbling, Cash for Culture, Kulturförderung Steiermark 

Supported by: Arri Rental, Alexander Boboschewski, Österreichische Bundesforste


9th DADA SAHEB PHALKE FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Greater Noida, India),13th RIVER FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Padova, Italy)*AWARD OF EXCELLENCE* 3rd ONE-REELER SHORT FILM COMPETITION (Official Selection, Los Angeles, CA, USA)10th AUSTRIAN INDEPENDENT FILMFESTIVAL (Official Selection, Vienna, Austria)GREAT MESSAGE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Pune, India)13th BUFFALO INT'L FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, New York, USA)14th ORLANDO FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Orlando, FL, USA)CINEKID SCREENING CLUB (Official Selection, Amsterdam)2nd LINZ INT'L SHORT FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Linz, Austria)33rd BRAUNSCHWEIG INT'L FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Braunschweig, Germany)21st YOUKI - INT'L YOUTH MEDIA FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Wels, Austria)13th ANNUAL SHORT SHORT STORY FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Providence, RI, USA)AFSAD 3rd INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Ankara, Turkey)6th BORREGO SPRINGS FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Borrego Springs, CA, USA)2nd LE PRINCE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Caracas, Venezuela),16th CINEYOUTH FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Chicago, IL, USA)

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