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The film is about a young man who finds himself during backpacking in Prague and gets confronted with loneliness. The first step into adulthood and the distance to the family hurts. He gets to know an older woman, working in a supermarket and they share an intimate moment together.


7min, short, fiction

Austria/ Czech Republic


Cast: Tomas Weber, Beatriz Abrisqueta

Director: Simon Maria Kubiena

Screenplay: Simon Maria Kubiena

Producer: Simon Maria Kubiena

Director of Photography: Clara Leoblova

Editing: Simon Maria Kubiena

Sound: Mathilde Rikner, Carlo Franchini, Quingyang Zhong

Supported by: Prague Film School


Video&Filmtage (Vienna), National Film Festival for Talented Youth (Seattle), Filta Filmtage (Wiener Neustadt), Linz International Filmfestival, Melbourne Indie Film Festival

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